Sealtech | Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals Manufacturer

Sealtech is the premier Manufacturer of hydraulic & Pneumatic seals with help of the Quick-Sealing technology.
Our company is highly experienced in offering varieties of, Hydraulic seals, oil seals, O-rings, sealing rings, seal kits, high pressure seals, and non-standard seals , PU Seals etc.
Our products are preferred by several industries to fulfill their Industrial and Automotive needs.
Sealtech is a trusted name in the market for its complete devotion towards the quality products & services. We also cater to few of the O.E.M across India. Due to our vast experience and quality landmark, we are quite familiar with the actual needs of the clients that help us to cater to the entire requirements. Since our emergence in the industry, we constantly strive to provide complete satisfaction to consumers, which distinguish us from our competitors, as a prominent seals Manufacturer in India.

About Us

Sealtech is specialized in fluid sealing with any profile any material up to1000 mm.

We offer you:

  • Sealing solution tailored your specifications
  • Support from Design phase to serial production
  • Just-in-time manufacturing of seals and components
  • Production of advanced engineering plastics products.
  • Hydraulic equipment and its servicing (Press,cylinder,Pump,PowerPack, valves etc.)
  • Optibelt Power Transmission products and servicing.

Manufacturing Concept:

  • Delivery on demand with short cycle time
  • No Mould or Tooling limitations for seals
  • No stock Requirement of our customers
  • Seal engineering to Customer specifications.

The unique approach of combining ourQuick-Seals and Hydraulic services, Enables us to provide our customer a complete Solution provider.

Our Hydraulic equipment manufacturing and servicing is a value added support to our customer